Is It Broken ...
Or Does It Just Need Some Attention?

What To Look For If Your Equipment Isn't Working

Before you decide that your piece of equipment is broken, check the A B C 's of Elecronic Surveillance:

A  -  Antennas

B  -  Batteries

C  -  Connectors

They are the three items on all pieces of electronic surveillance equipment that are prone to breakage and failure.

Before you send in your piece of equipment for service:

1.) Insure your antenna is properly attached and working.
Use a different antenna is you have one available. Look at your existing antenna and see if the cable is frayed or broken around the connector. Without the proper antenna your equipment will not perform, no matter if it is a transmitter, receiver, or a repeater.

2.) Check the power source.
Install new batteries (if the device uses disposable ones), or use an alternative power supply if possible.

3.) Check all connections.
Inspect all connectors on the equipment as well as on all accessory cables to see if they are broken or if cables are frayed. Make sure connections are properly made and that they are tight, inculding microphones, audio cables, antenna cables, battery contacts, power cables, etc.