Terms of Sale
Policy Regarding Orders

Order Placement and Acceptance: All orders are subject to acceptance by TTI. Verbal orders will not be accepted. Only written confirmation constitutes a valid order. TTI reserves the right to reject any order. Frequency information may be provided to TTI under separate cover from the actual order per se. Only after frequency information is received in writing will an order be considered complete. Quoted estimated delivery times are based upon receipt and acceptance of complete orders at the factory. Frequency information must be generated by the customer. TTI can not select a frequency for the customer. Authorized sales representative of TTI can assist by informing the customer with the FCC rules and regulations regarding frequency allocation and equipment usage. Orders for equipment that is nonstandard with reference to TTI's current product catalog are non-cancelable after written confirmation of acceptance is made by TTI. TTI restricts the sale of surveillance, intelligence gathering, and/or counter intelligence equipment to Official Government Law Enforcement Agencies only. Some devices offered for sale by TTI are restricted for distribution to US Federal Government Agencies only. When a non-government organization wishes to purchase equipment for further sale and/or distribution to an Official Government Agency, TTI must receive written confirmation from the Government Agency that they will be taking delivery of the products and are authorizing the third party to procure the equipment for them.
Quotes: All prices are subject to change without notice. Any verbal quotations expire at 12:00 Midnight on the day they are made. Written quotations expire within ninety (90) days from the quote date. TTI can not be held responsible for typographical and/or clerical errors or omissions.
Product Returns: Request for product returns must be made in writing to TTI's main office. Authorization for returns will be made in writing from Tactical's main office. Any products ordered that are nonstandard with reference to TTI's current catalog are nonreturnable. All authorized returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee based upon invoiced price.
Shipping and Handling Charges: Standard freight terms are FOB Origin. Fees for packing, insurance, and freight will be added to the accepted order price on all invoices, unless an FOB Destination order is accepted by TTI. TTI reserves the right to select the ways and means of shipment and delivery of all orders. If the customer requests a different method of delivery, even if the order is accepted as FOB Destination, all additional costs to TTI over and above what would have been standard per TTI's choice method of delivery, will be invoiced to the customer.
Fees and Taxes: All prices are quoted without inclusion of any and all Federal, State, and Local taxes of any type. The customer is responsible for any and all applicable taxes. Exemption certificates may be submitted by the customer to TTI before the shipment is made. Certificates must be on a form approved by the taxing authority.
Orders from Customers Outside the United States of America: Terms of Sale on orders from customers outside the United States of America are 50% of total order paid cash in advance, payable in US Dollars, and drawn on a US bank, and the balance due in cash, payable in US Dollars, and drawn on a US bank, prior to shipment of order. All other terms of sale as stated herein apply.
Liability Limits and Indemnification: TTI will attempt to meet quoted delivery schedules to the best of its ability. All quoted delivery schedules are estimates only. TTI does not assume any liability whatsoever in reference to delivery schedule, errors made by the customer on orders, or in TTI's processing of orders for any reason. TTI shall not be responsible or held liable for failure to deliver as a result of causes beyond its control such as employee strikes or supplier strikes, facility closings, acts of God, man made disasters, man made disturbances, or other events beyond the control of TTI. TTI will not be held liable for incidental, collateral or consequential damages as a result of any occurrences beyond its control. TTI, its officers, owners, employees, and/or agents, will be indemnified and held harmless by the customer for any consequences that may occur, or be alleged to have occurred, by any person or organization, in relation to the sale, possession, use, manufacture, distribution, or applied use of any item referenced, no matter if the consequences are claimed to have occurred due to any action of TTI, the customer, or any other third party. The Purchaser, through acceptance of delivery of a bona fide order, agrees to bear all fees, charges, expenses, damages, and any and all other costs incurred in the defence of TTI with regard to any actions against TTI as described herein.
Partial Shipments: TTI may make partial shipments on any and all orders and the customer agrees to pay invoices based upon partial shipments when they are due, based upon TTI's Terms of Payment. Any delays in delivery of the balance of the order, or any additional parts of an order, shall not relieve the customer of their liability to pay invoiced shipments in a timely manner.
Payment Terms: C.O.D., or Net Thirty (30) days. All Net Thirty terms are based upon credit acceptance by TTI.
Specifications: TTI reserves the right to change specifications, designs, and models without notice. TTI does not assume any responsibility or liability for typographical errors in any and all correspondence, official or otherwise.
Catalog Requests: It is the Corporate policy of TTI to supply Company Product Catalogs only to bona fide Government agencies and/or authorized sales and service representatives of the Company. Catalogs are only distributed upon receipt of an expressed written request from a qualified party on official agency and/or company letterhead, or by a verbal request during a personal visit between an Official Representative of a Government Agency and an Official Agent of TTI, or via email from an official Government Agency email account. Any and all literature which makes reference to the products produced and/or distributed by TTI is to be held in strictest confidence by the holder and the information is not to be shared, disclosed, or otherwise offered to the public at large or any form of news media.
Equipment Repair: Repairs shall be billed at the standard hourly rate and at one and one half times this rate for work that is requested for weekends or holidays. All repair work carries a minimum charge of one (1) hour.
Expediting Orders: An additional 15% per accepted item sales price shall be added to all rush orders. Rush orders are defined as those orders that the customer requests to be delivered prior to the stated, quoted estimated delivery date, and/or that priority be given the order over and above other orders already in the process queue at TTI.
Manuals: Operator instruction manuals for ordered equipment are shipped with each delivery. Extra copies are available. Contact the Sales Department for information. Service manuals for products distributed and/or manufactured by TTI are not supplied to outside agencies. Non-authorized attempts to perform repairs or service to TTI manufactured and/or distributed products shall void all facets of TTI's Warranty.