All About TTI
Tactical Technologies Inc. designs and manufactures sophisticated surveillance, intelligence gathering, communications, and forensic equipment for the law enforcement and intelligence community at Federal, State, City, County, and Municiple levels. Tactical is also a supplier to the US Department of Defense.

Tactical's operations are headquartered in Holmes, Pennsylvania, USA; about five miles southwest of Philadelphia.

In the R&D Department, innovative new products continually are created. Skilled engineers design new equipment, while management and staff together conduct an on going review process of existing products in order to maintain state of the art performance. Many products are custom engineered - developed exclusively to answer the specific, specialized requirements of Tactical's professional law enforcement clientele.

Inventive personnel together with modern facilities and equipment ensure meeting customer needs. From product consultation and conception - through research, design, engineering and prototype development - to manufacturing, sales, and service - the expertise of Tactical's staff is focused on the evolution of the needs of the marketplace.

Tactical's manufacturing department builds products from the ground up. All manufacturing processes, including PC board assembly and light metal work production, are completed in the Holmes facility. Quality first and foremost is the dominant theme for the crew of assemblers, technicians, support staff, and management. Independent quality assurance teams review each new production piece before shipment. Highly qualified technicians perform all service work on equipment returned from the field for modification, update, or repair. The focus for all is getting the job done right the first time.

Products Specialties

  • "TigerVan" TM State of the Art Mobile Surveillance Platforms
  • "TigerCam" TM IP Based Video Surveillance Products
  • System Integration, including Video and Night Vision products
  • Custom Design of Unique, Task Specific Items
  • "Joey" TM series of RF transmitters combined with digital recorders
  • "Citation" TM Intelligence Receiving and Recording Systems
  • "TinyTot" TM Covert RF Voice Transmiters and/or Alarm Transmitters
  • "Echo" TM Covert RF Repeaters - for continuous duty operations
  • "Shadow" TM Products
  • Service and Repair