A Message From Rich

As Tactical Technologies Inc. moves though it's 3rd decade of operations, I find myself reflecting on the fact that our Corporate heritage here runs much deeper than our 1989 Articles of Incorporation.

Itís a fact that TTI can trace itís lineage all the way back to 1969 through Kel Corporation and Bell and Howellís Special Operations Group. Those two names produced equipment that aided in investigations and arrests whose stories have spawned legends in this industry. Thatís some pretty strong stuff, right there.

Itís a combination of that strong history of proven successes and leadership coupled with a firm belief that what is good for the customer is ultimately good for the Corporation that has guided TTI over the past two decades. And it has been the loyal support of you, our customers, that has allowed us to continue to serve the law enforcement community with the enthusiasm, integrity, and commitment to excellence that our entire staff has today.

We are continuing to design and build products that will allow you to create your legends of tomorrow.

If you are a returning TTI client, I want to thank you for your continued loyal support over the years. If you are new to us, thanks also to you for considering Tactical Technologies Inc.ís products and services for the very first time. We appreciate your interest in us and our products. We want you to know that we are also extremely interested in you, your job, and what we can do to make your job easier.

The entire staff at TTI is very dedicated to our Corporate Mission ď... To continually seek out the specialized electronic needs of Law Enforcement and fill them with newer, better, and more cost effective ways for them to successfully complete their tasks ...Ē

Our ultimate show of commitment to the industry is reflected by our strong suggestion that you compare competitive products in this market before you purchase. Touch them, feel them, and try them out - side by side if possible. Also compare product support, training, and warranty for your gear. Ask yourself just who will be around in another 10 years when you need them?

We are confident you will find that Tactical Technologies products, our continued support for them, and our continued support for you to be superior in their field. Thatís why our Corporate motto is,


As TTI continues to expand itís audio RF core base into the design of mobile platforms, video, IP, digital, and other 21st century technologies, you can be confident in our diligent effort to continue to live up to the legends of our past as we push forward to create the legends of your future.

Thanks again for your interest and support. Any time you have questions, comments, answers, or just want to talk, please feel free to give me a call or stop in. The doorís always open.


Richard B. Snyder